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All Other Information: Adoptee has children and are looking for medical history as youngest child of adoptee has a heart problem. Adoptee Birth City: Fort Lauderdale,?

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All Other Information: Birth Mother at the time of my birth, also had a son age 2 before I was born. Birth Father at the time of my birth, also had a son age 17 before I was born. Children's Home Society of Florida handled adoption. All Other Information: I was adopted in? I was adopted from a 16 year old, strawberry blond with green eyes, lbs with 2 or 3 siblings with the same coloring.

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That's all I know. County adoption took place:? Email Address: restap1 comcast. Email Address: triciam yahoo. Jack P. Ward was the doctor.

I don't have any information about the adoption, I was very young and my parents did everything without my knowledge. All I know is that after the baby was born, some men came into the hospital room and had me sign what I now know were adoption papers or signing over my parental rights. All Other Information: Possibly 2 birth brothers in Ohio. I've been told many diff things re my adoption. I've heard she was a model. A college student I've been told her name could be Juanita.

I'm 5'6" tall, white brown eyes and brown hair. Adoptee Birth Hospital: St. Joseph's Hospital? All Other Information: Possibly born at St. Joseph's Hospital. Email Address: vk68 aol. I went there to get my child and they would not let me see her, by the time I could get help the next day she was gone. I talked to a atty in AK.

Thank you so much for any help you can find. Update Birth mother was 16 years old at time of birth. All Other Information: Unsure at this point if the Children's Home Society handled my actual adoption or if they just handled the process. Few conflicting stories about circumstances but do know that my birth mother was in a home for unwed mothers.

Email Address: drgnfli19 aol. I don't have too much more info except that I believe my mother was 19 at the time and it was a private adoption through Catholic Charities. Johns County? All Other Information: Additional email is cdbeeler gmail. Her father was 74 years old at the time who ran a small country store and pentecostal faith.

He was a carpenter. Adoptee Birth City: Saint. He was born in?


My birth father was a guard at Metro Dade Stockade? Update Birth mother was 32 years old at time of birth. She had blue eyes and brown hair. I am 5'4" tall, with green eyes and brown hair. Age of Adoptee when Adopted: months old? Petersburg, FL on My adoptive parents, Bill and Jewell Borstel, were living in St. Petersburg, Florida. I lived in Florida until then my family moved to LaPlace, Louisiana.

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I have blue eyes, blond hair that turned grey at an early age, 5'10" tall, lbs. Clyde Hindman Email Address: t40h hotmail. All Other Information: Looking for my birth mother. Age of Adoptee when Adopted: 3 months old? All Other Information: Records supposedly on micro film in seperate building other than Hospital. Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Caucasian?

FL County adoption took place: Pinellas County? All Other Information: Searching for information only no meeting unless they choose history, genealogy, medical issues.

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Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Caucasion? Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Caucasion? All Other Information: D. Currently: Hazel eyes, light freckled skin, auburn hair with premature graying. Florida Birth certificate : On File. Think it might've been a private adoption with a lawyer.

Birth mother and maybe birth father might not have been from Florida. Update Birth mother's name is Geraldine Kelly. Comes from a large Catholic family. Irish and possibly Polish descent. Dropped out of school to take care of her sick mother who passed away at age 56 years old from diabetes or cancer. Protestant family, with one sister. Update I am 5'3" tall. No idea Age of Adoptee when Adopted: years old? Howard Email Address: howard. All Other Information: No info on birth mother or birth father. My eyes are brown and hair is brown. I was with my birth mother off and on until I was 5 and then she took me to my adoptive parents house and was never seen again.

Baugus Jr. Deceased Email Address: noble. Both my adopted parents are deceased and I have no way to find out who I am and what where the circumstances as to why I was given away grandparents are gone too. No other family members around to ask it would just be nice to know where you come from you know.

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I've had this empty feeling for a long time and it hurts. They were in their early 20's. I would like medical information if they don't want to meet. I have a rare heart defect that is genetic and they should know because it runs in families. All Other Information: I know I had several birth siblings who were not adopted out. State adoption took place:? All Other Information: I was told by my adoptive mother that my if I was not given up that her husband would leave her.

I apparently have either brothers or sisters. I am not the child from the husband but from someone my mother knew. This is just the story I was told.

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All Other Information: I was born my birth mother gave me up for adoption at birth. I was told that her husband and her were getting a divorce and my birth mothers parents convinced her to give me up for adoption. I know my birth father was full blooded Puerto Rican.

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I know that she had a son already my birth brother.