Warrants in greenville texas hunt county

Hunt County court records are processed and stored by two offices.

The county clerk handles misdemeanor cases and the district clerk is in charge of felony cases. Usually a copy of a criminal record costs 5 dollars.

Outstanding Warrant List

You will be required to submit a FOIA request in person or via mail to see any official document. The Attorney General of Texas explains how to file a request for public information. Throughout , offenses were carried out in the county There were no murders yet 28 women were raped and people were assaulted.

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The number of robberies reached Start Your Search Below. Utilize this website's online tool for a background check on people that matter to you.

Man charged with Capital Murder for Greenville shooting released from custody – Texas Breaking News

Finding out if you are wanted by the police To undertake a Hunt County warrant search, go to the sheriff office. Performing a Hunt County arrest records search The sheriff's homepage contains a link to an inmate search tool that presents the county's arrestees. So for a more elaborate arrest search, we suggest utilizing the following two sources: The computerized criminal database maintained by the TxDPS will enable users to trace a person's arrest history and prior prosecutions in all of Texas.

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We have been challenging Greenville speeding violations on behalf of Class C drivers and CDL holders for more than 20 years, so rest assured that if retained to defend against yours, we would do our very best to defend your driving record in the Municipal Court. Has the Greenville Municipal Court issued a warrant for your arrest over an outstanding traffic ticket? If so, and if your warrant is not lifted as soon as possible, the chance is high that you will be arrested during the Greenville Warrant Roundup. This annual event is a branch of the Great Texas Warrant Roundup, during which law enforcement is required to locate and arrest as many drivers as possible who have been issued warrants on a prior date.

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  7. Fortunately, our law firm has been posting bonds and lifting warrants all across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for over 20 years. We may be retained to lift your warrant as well so that you may avoid incarceration during or before Warrant Roundup season. CDL and trucking violations are perhaps more demanding than traffic tickets issued to the average Greenville driver.

    Outstanding Warrants

    This is because commercial truckers rely upon their clean driving records for work purposes, and therefore may be more anxious to protect their record from points resulting from a traffic citation they have received. The learn more or report the location of a wanted person, you can contact Warrant Officer Mike Ball in the Office Of Warrant Assistance at or log on to warrantassist.

    View the discussion thread. By Scott Harvey Greenville — The Hunt County Sheriff's Office is again looking to close out a number of warrants, having cleared well over following the arrest of more than 85 individuals since last October.