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Nonetheless, the biggest takeaway is that Gill -- a time Grammy winner who was a big country star in the s -- is an enduringly talented old-school music-maker who still sounds timeless and fresh at the same time. Welcome to Artcetera. Arts-and-entertainment writers and critics post movie news, concert updates, people items, video, photos and more.

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Vocal Coach Reacts to Carrie Underwood - How Great Thou Art ft. Vince Gill

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Belmont success tied to Byrd, country music

Business Changes planned for Calhoun Square after sale for half-price pm. Needless to say, it consumed the remainder of Wednesday at the Go Iowa Awesome offices. But this is college football, which means we're obligated by statute and course of conduct to rank all of these things subjectively. Let's get to it: College football programs ranked by their coaches' preference in music. Music is one of the things that round out the meaning of life.


It provides us context and outlet for emotions, and is arguably the art most readily accessible to the masses, largely because it is so emotionally-based. Having no music would make one's life immeasurably worse. And while most of it is roughly equal in quality, there are none who are waging a war on proper country music quite like Ol' Solo Cup. Apparently he's hugely popular in the Ohio Valley, though. Chesney was by FAR the most-chosen musician, picking up eight votes all eight of these teams are now included with the twelve others that Chesney claims to support.

But the love of Chesney's brand of everything's-great, let's-all-have-a-beer-on-a-summer-night bullshit bro country is easy to understand. When you've got a multi-year contract with a multi-million-dollar buyout, why would you listen to music with conflict or consequence? Throw me another Corona! McGraw's directly responsible for most of modern country music, both its cultural tone-deafness and its saccharine synthesized sappiness. He's the archetype. The mental image of Lane Kiffin rolling through Boca listening to Slippery When Wet is going to be the fuel that gets me through the day.

The vast pool of nondescript bro country is in a tie, as everyone on this list is apparently Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, or wrote songs for Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. Kip Moore's top song is "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck".

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The prosecution rests. Mea culpa: This one is purely personal. Occasionally I'd have a weekend gig, where there would be a healthy pool of karaoke newbies. Tuesday night in the former McDonald's was not that show. You have to be hardcore about your karaoke to show up at 10 p. I heard so many bad Meat Loaf renditions that it scarred me for life. Yes, they are the ubiquitous kings of current country music. Yes, Paisley is sitting shotgun with Peyton Manning in every insurance commercial, and Eric Church has his own line of bedroom furniture.

Yes, they play their parts to a comical degree. But at least Paisley and Church seem to have some underlying musical talent, and aren't afraid of paying homage to their actual influences. Paisley's musicianship calls back to Vince Gill, and his lyrics clever enough to call back on Kris Kristofferson.

Church isn't as country, but he calls songs "Springsteen" and says Jeff Tweedy is "one bad mother" in a song aptly titled "Mr. We should show proper appreciation for a couple of guys who follow that credo. Christian music isn't my thing, and I don't have the time or inclination to check on the quality of these groups, so they're all lumped together in the middle.

Fifteen years of non-stop "Don't Stop Believing" since the finale of The Sopranos has diminished Journey's rep, but let's face facts: Their music was pretty much garbage to begin with. If music is meant to convey a particular emotion, Journey constantly missed the mark. Let's take, for instance, "Separate Ways. In the back lot of a Home Depot? Honestly, they'd be down in the s were it not for the post-Journey career of guitarist Neal Schon, who followed up an amazing one-man scorched-earth performance in the VH1 Behind the Music on the band by marrying a Real Housewife and charging fifteen bucks to watch the ceremony on pay-per-view.

Vince Gill confronts sex abuse, teen pregnancy on 'Okie'

I mean, sure, whatever. If you have and somehow still love The Eagles, I don't know how to talk to you. Welcome to the "Wagon Wheel" portion of the list. Turns out DMB is huge with college football coaches in Texas. Rap game volume shooters, together as they should be. They're good for one masterpiece in twelve.