How to find out private caller

I got a call with no number. I have no idea why this worries me except that the young american person who called I'm american too said, "You don't recognize my voice anymore, grandma? Naturally this will eat at me.. Between us we have only 3 grandsons.

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Mine is sleeping, or was before I knocked on his door asking if he pranked me, and my mothers - 1 in is prison, the other is older and never calls. This was a young guy.. He kept saying, "You don't recognize your grandsons voice? I said "this is XXX my first name and, what is yours? This is driving me insane. But if it was my mom's grandson he would have known my name and realized he had the wrong grandma. Yet he got under my skin and I will admit I am a tiny bit freaked out - wondering - what if my moms prisoner grandson got a cell somehow it happens in prisons and was trying to communicate? Logic dictates that he'd have known it was me If this was a prank call - it's one of the best i have ever seen.

Find Out Who is Calling You With Private / Blocked Number

I am a recipient of "The Grandparent's Scam. It, thank God, did not go very far.. I found the info here:. Perhaps even hacking the spoofcard companies trying to find a match to these numbers in their database?

Hide your number on an Android device

I eventually had to change my number which he also eventually got. The police dont care if you are being phone herassed. Prank Calls, Masked Numbers Who is calling your phone or your child's? Step 1 Check the Number's Originis If the number that keeps calling you pops up on your Caller ID, you can check its registered location, service provider and line type by doing a phone reverse lookup. Step 2 Take a Different Route If the above step produced no results, you are ready to take another action - contact the police or a private detective.

Step 3 Unmasking the Number In most cases pranksters go long ways to block their outgoing numbers so you do not have any information at all about the call. This means that your phone has been hacked and you need to change it and take precautionary measures. You will need to change your phone, get a new number and account and keep it confidential. Also take the old phone to the police to check.

Sign Up. Same thing happened to me Yet I am pretty upset - and worried.

Want to confront that masked caller? Here's how

I'm being harassed by a group or person that is spoofing people's numbers to call me. Is there a way to trace or hack trace with Kali Linux the original number being used? Calling someone from a private number is a popular strategy to avoid identification, getting someone on the phone who may not have answered if they recognized the phone number, or contacting someone who has already tried to block the caller.

Many private callers believe that calling someone from a private number will prevent them from getting caught or held accountable for their ill-intentioned calls. But as you will read, that is not actually true, especially with apps like TrapCall that unmask the number behind these calls. There are a few ways callers can place calls from private numbers. The steps are as follows:. This way, all calls placed will appear as unavailable.

Lastly, callers can call from private numbers using phone spoofing.

Find Out Private Numbers

Using popular services such as SpoofCard, private callers can choose what caller ID appears when they place an outbound call. Though emergency hotlines like can unmask blocked calls as well, TrapCall is the only mobile app that unmasks the phone number behind private callers. TrapCall can unmask any private caller. Click here to see how easy it is to unmask blocked calls with TrapCall. This solution will work beautifully if your goal is to block callers who call you from either a Blocked, No Caller ID, or Private number. However, as you may have noticed, this solution will also block any incoming calls from phone numbers that are not saved in your contacts.

This solution will prevent you from receiving important phone calls from your pharmacy, your doctor, a new job offer, and school updates if their phone numbers are not already saved as a contact in your phone.

Caller ID and Caller ID Blocking FAQs

Because of this, the best solution is to download an app for Android or iOS that can reveal the identity of unfamiliar or private callers and allow the option to only block the phone numbers you do not wish to hear from. Not only is TrapCall the only app to effectively reveal and block private callers — it equips you with the tools needed to take action against the caller if you wish to do so.

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