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Each time a new version is released, we begin supporting that version and stop supporting the third most recent version. Internet Explorer 9 Users Internet Explorer 11 launched on October 17, , and as a result, we've discontinued support for Internet Explorer 9. Organizations that depend on old versions of Internet Explorer may want to consider a dual browser strategy. The displayed information is not the official ORS 7. Specifically, individuals should not use this system for background checks or other purposes that require more complete identity or case information.

The full official register for non-confidential case types can be accessed at the courthouse public terminals or, for certain business entities, through a subscription to OJCIN Online. Click here to view our user guide. Click here to access Frequently Asked Questions. Attorney License Renewal. Judiciary File and pay your attorney licensing statement with the Vermont Judiciary.

Attractions Search. Related Services: e Road Conditions. Business Name Availability Search. Secretary of State Search the database of businesses for availability of a name, and for information about existing businesses including address, officers, registered agents, and date of registration. Business Registry and Bid System.

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Department of Economic Development Search Vermont bid opportunities and register your business in a database that allows you and others to locate vendors and suppliers. Buy Hunting and Fishing Licenses. Department of Fish and Wildlife Purchase or reprint your hunting, fishing, combination, trapping, archery, turkey, or muzzleloader license or add tags to your existing license. Check Return or Refund Status. Commercial and Industrial Site Locator. Banking, Insurance, Securities, and Health Care Vermont law requires Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration to publish information about hospital quality, hospital infection rates and prevention measures, patient safety, nursing staffing levels, financial health.

Department of Motor Vehicles Bulk request and pull driver records and histories from the Department of Motor Vehicles, available to Vermont. Department of Corrections Department of Corrections online training system for employees to learn about ADA requirements. Donate to the Conservation. Donate to the Vermont Arts Council. Drivers License Reinstatement Fee Payment. Department of Motor Vehicles Pay the fee necessary to have your suspended Driver's License and Privilege to Operate reinstated with the Department of Motor Vehicles after you have met all requirements. Agency of Transportation View current road conditions, roadwork, road closures, commercial vehicle restrictions, and weather information for Vermont or all of northern New England using the e service.

Environmental Notice Bulletin.

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File a Corporation or LCC annual report online. Secretary of State For profit corporations and limited liability companies foreign or domestic with a status of "active" may use this service to file an annual report online. File a Property Transfer Tax Return. File a Public Comment or Complaint. Public Utility Commission Submit a public comment or complaint regarding a project or docket regarding a public service or utility with the Public Service Board. File and Pay Your Taxes. Department of Taxes The Vermont Department of Taxes offers several eServices for individual taxpayers and businesses through myVTax, the department's online portal.

Find a Child Care Provider. Department for Children and Families Find current information about local child care options in Vermont, including all registered home care providers and licensed child care centers. Find a Job in Vermont. Department of Labor Search Vermont jobs or post your business's job openings and search resumes for qualified employees. Department of Financial Regulation Find registered or licensed as an insurance agent or company; lender, money services professional, or mortgage broker; or an investment adviser representatives and broker-dealer agents.

Find a State Park. Search by location, amenities, and more. Related Services: Reserve a Camping Site.

Food and Lodging Program Inspection Report. Department of Health Find out how the safe food handling and sanitation practices rate at your favorite restaurant? Use this simple search to find how Vermont establishments score on a item inspection. GoVermont Commute Calculator. Agency of Transportation Using alternative transportation can cut your commuting cost in half. Answer a few simple questions to find out how much your commute is currently costing you and the environment.

Agency of Transportation Submit your information to matched up with available rideshares and van pools. Office of Vermont Health Access The screening tool helps you figure out which health coverage programs you may be eligible for. Harvest Information Program Registration.

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Register for your HIP number online. Historic Preservation Online Resource Center. Job Openings, State Government. Legislative Bill Tracking System. Legislature Search for and view the text of all bills brought up in the Vermont Legislature. Library Online. Department of Libraries The Vermont Online Library features a range of online databases for all types and ages of learners, available to all Vermonters through their local public library.

Life Insurance Policy Locator. Department of Financial Regulation Assist consumers in locating life insurance policies and annuity contracts of a deceased family member or close relationship. Medical Board DocFinder. Mobile Home Park Registrations. Department of Housing and Community Development File your annual registry update and pay for you mobile home lots immediately with the Department. Department of Motor Vehicles All Vermont municipalities are required to file a report of special weight limits for highways and bridges with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

Search for any of these restrictions online. Municipal Special Weight Limits Submission. Department of Motor Vehicles Municipal and State users can submit and maintain their new or renewed bridges and highway weight restrictions.

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Vermont Financial Literacy Working Group Use myMoney, the department's online portal with resources and opportunities to learn how to manage your money. Department of Taxes Use myVTax, the department's online portal, to e-file your meals and rooms, sales and use, withholding, and local option taxes with the Department of Taxes. Related Services: Pay Your Taxes. Obtain a Criminal Conviction Report. Department of Public Safety Request and receive a criminal convictions record online.

You will receive the record immediately upon payment. Offender Locator.

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Department of Corrections Find Information regarding any inmate or offender currently on record with the Department of Corrections. OnCall for Vermont. Department of Health OnCall for Vermont is the hub for health-focused volunteering, training and response in Vermont. Pay Estimated Income Tax. Police Reports and Public Records Ordering. Department of Public Safety Request reports, photos, audio recordings, and videos for public records and police reports from the Department of Public of Safety and the Vermont State Police.