How to make a background check

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Besides just credit reports, court and police records, driving records, financial and real estate holding can also part of a background search. Using third party agencies for running these checks helps avoid violating any laws. Templates are available to request authorization to collect personal information. Have the person you wish to check sign a consent forms for the record.

How to Background Check Job Applicants

The form should list specifically what information will be included in the search. They usually require a signature and printed name from the applicant.

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A popular paid choice for business inquiries is US Search. These checks are often instant, or at most are returned within 24 business hours.

15 Best Background Check Websites to Search for Reliable Info

For free, the best approach is to simply verify all information provided on the resume or CV and ask for professional references to check. Check business references because personal references are not always reliable. Verify employment or other important dates and inquire about work related tasks, punctuality, salary and promotions.

Fair reporting laws guarantees all information - including credit reports - which are used to make a decision are shared with the applicant, especially if the information has "adverse action" or is the primary reason they do not get the job or promotion. The Federal Trade Commission FTC provides advice and guidelines to companies who check on the background information of prospective employees. Providing this information is not only required, but it gives the person a better idea of how to present themselves in a better light in the future.

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  • Best Background Check Sites for Employers.

Recordkeeping and responsible filing of the information is also necessary to prevent identity theft issues. Deciding to invest time and money into checking the background of those who share our workplace or living space can be a tough call. Forgoing these checks could allow a con-artist or unscrupulous employee access to resources within your organization or home. Weighing these factors, many companies are opting to invest in knowing the background of their workforce as a typical business practice.

Job Related

Individuals should consider researching the background of those who come in close contact with their family members. In most cases, barring any surprises like, say, the candidate goes by multiple names , you can expect the check to take less than a week. Before refusing to hire a candidate or choosing to fire an employee because of something negative in their background check, ask them for any explanations. A person with a disability should be allowed to prove their ability to do the job unless doing so would severely impact your finances or operations.

If you do need to make an adverse decision based on a background check, make sure that you are rejecting fairly. That means if you hired another employee with a misdemeanor on their record, rejecting this person may be unlawful discrimination, especially if they fall into an EEOC-protected category. Learn more about these laws here —and keep in mind your state may have additional regulations and laws around employment discrimination.

That gives the person a chance to tell you if there are inaccuracies that may change your decision. For example, perhaps the background check service mistook Erika A. Cruz, aged 46, for Erika A. Cruz, aged 35—and all the information is incorrect. You must provide a verbal or written notice that includes the following:. Some states have additional restrictions on the background check information you can use in a hiring decision.

Personal Background Checks: How Do You Run One? | CriminalWatchDog

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