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His leadership was recognized not just within the United States; it also earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in Days later, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of that legally ended residential discrimination.

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Day was made a federal holiday by President Ronald Reagan in Bush signed into place that the King holiday would be held on the third Monday in January. Taking place this Monday, the holiday will mean there will be no postal service and schools and banking institutions will be closed. Please review the documents below for more detail.

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Birth Certificates Beginning April 1, , the U. Secondary Evidence of U. Citizenship If you cannot present primary evidence of U. Early public records must be submitted with a birth record or Letter of No Record.

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Examples of early public records are: Baptismal certificate Hospital birth certificate Census record Early school record Family bible record Doctor's record of post-natal care Early Public Records are not acceptable when presented alone. Hitler was now in power in Germany and Nazi banners were hanging in the large hall beside Christian crosses. Hitler himself had spoken during Nazi rallies at the Sportpalast torn down in Later, in , it was the site where Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels declared "total war" against the Allies.

Allied bombs damaged the Sportpalast in , but it was rebuilt during the war. While the German press noted the racially integrated audience there was a delegation of 30 black Baptists, including Rev.

Why Martin Luther King Jr.'s father changed their names

King , and a church commission on "Racialism" strongly condemned the color bar and anti-Semitism, many of the American Baptists in Berlin viewed the non-smoking, non-drinking Hitler and the Nazis in a more positive light. But even most German Baptists failed to see the danger the Nazis posed to them and the world. The Nazis achieved a propaganda coup that made people think, erroneously, that the Nazis were accepting of the Christian faithful and their churches. King Senior attended the Baptist World Alliance Congress at the Sportpalast in Berlin, where the backdrop of the speakers' platform included a large swastika flag right alongside a cross and portraits of famous Baptists.

  1. Certificate of Birth for Martin Luther King, Jr., 1/15/1929, revised 4/12/34.
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  3. A Little-Known Fact About Martin Luther King, Jr..
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  5. The Gradual Name Change. But the changeover was not done overnight.

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    In fact, there was never any legal name change, and Georgia law did not require it. Close friends and family continued to call both men Mike or M.

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    4. Why Martin Luther King Jr.'s father changed their names.
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    7. It was not until July that the Michael King Jr. Martin Luther King Sr.

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      The Trip to Divided Berlin in Kennedy who had visited West Germany in The occasion was "Tag der Kirche" Day of the Church. The Germans made him keep his distance from that historic landmark.

      His address was well-received, but in it he neglected to mention something important: the other famous African-American man who drew crowds not only in West Berlin but also in East Berlin. For whatever reason, Obama preferred to evoke memories of Kennedy and Reagan rather than the iconic black man he claims to greatly admire.

      First look: Martin Luther King Jr.'s birth home is ready to re-open

      Whether intentional or an oversight, the omission was odd, especially since his target audience was Americans, and Obama didn't want his speech to sound too "European". Mary's Church in East Berlin, where he offered a sermon to an overflow crowd.