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The volunteers recorded just under 1, death certificates that noted burial on the grounds of the hospital. Hayes-Williams supposed that family members could either not afford to bury their dead or long ago disassociated from the patient because of the stigma of mental illness. The hospital has a dark and sordid history of abusive practices, experimenting on its patients with electroshock therapy, drug testing, and supplying unclaimed cadavers to the University of Maryland for research.

Some of these [grave] spaces might not even be a whole body. She is confident that, for now, the land is protected despite the proposed Bayhawks stadium and off ramp access being located near the cemetery. Please see this post on our Facebook page. Sign in.

From the archives: Crownsville State Hospital

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    • Support our work today to save places that matter. No one wants to see the memory of Crownsville State Hospital disappear, particularly Lurz and fellow historian Janice Hayes-Williams who continue to work endlessly to uncover the history of the hospital and those buried in the cemetery.

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      The county doesn't want the responsibility, and outside companies haven't stepped forward with solutions. Is there an option that helps the site move forward with a new use for its property, while also allowing for preservation, particularly of the memory of those who lived and died there?

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      Only time will tell. Message and data rates may apply. March 28, By: Kirsten Hower. Donate Today.

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      We don't want to see this disappear," says Lurz. Like this story?

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