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Maybe someone should ask "Captain Carnival" on the other Social Media site since he is actually an agent and he can give a definitive answer. I would call Carnival. This is one area where I would not take everyone's "expert" opinions here. It isn't quite as easy as you think it is and DHS vets every passenger during the cruise so if anyone did mess with an ID they would be picked up at disembarkation.

The whole idea behind getting ID's and having passport for entry is to prevent terrorists from entering the US. It strains belief that a terrorist would fake a document in order to sneak out of the county in order to sneak back in a few days later. That's the main reason that DHS determined that US citizens on closed loop cruises present a low risk to the national security. You are being just a little dramatic. First of all, I dont know of any state that issues a black and white temporary paper license however, MOST states have gone to this paper temp license system.

Ours in Ga are issued in color on special paper with watermarks and there is absolutely no way to duplicate it. Its an exact duplicate of the permanent license but just on paper. TSA accepts these license without issue as they are considered a valid govt ID and most states have worked it out with them and you can trust and believe that the Port Agents and US Customs are well aware of them too. OP, I would not expect any problem at all as long as you also have a certified birth certificate and if there is a problem, get a supervisor involved.

They will have you onboard the ship in no time. I don't know why they would, it's a valid ID and you have your sail and sign card. Might be best not to arrive back at the pier at the last minute, just in case:. You could be right about that :D. I just wonder if they have seen them before and might question if they are real or not. I am curious if it might cause a problem. Hence getting a lovely black and white temporary license. This is from Massachusetts. It states in bold red letters" Not valid for identification ".

If you need to leave the cruise in an emergency, depending where you are going, flights coming home could be even more difficult. Sent from my iPhone using Forums.

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Sign in here. By LauraS Started October 9. By LauraS Started February Search In. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Recommended Posts. Posted January 17, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. A bar and US Customs and Immigration are two totally different levels. Posted January 17, edited.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTATION: Do You Need A Passport To Take A Cruise?

Indeed they are. But they both require the same proof of identity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Edited January 17, by firemanbobswife. Just Another Member.

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Posted January 21, Finally got an answer on the Carnival forum:. Posted January 21, edited. Posted September 22, Post 15 indicated that Carnival wouldn't have a problem with it. Posted September 23, Why don't you call Carnival? You should be fine. Hi Sally, You should bring the marriage certificates for each marriage, yes, just to connect your current name to the one on your birth certificate. They may not even ask for it Have a great cruise! Hi Allison, I need to receive renewed passport by August But if I don't receive it in time, I can bring my drivers' license and birth certificate.

My question is: Since I'm married now and was married and divorced before, do I have to bring 1st marriage certificate, divorce certificate, and second marriage certificate since, of course, my birth certificate shows my maiden name?

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Hi I am going to the bahamas in a close loop cruise in august. It is kind of late for me to get my passport in time! Hi Nayeli, Congratulations on becoming a citizen! As long as it's a closed-loop cruise you should be able to use your naturalization certificate along with a government-issued photo ID, but please call your cruise line and verify that as soon as possible, since they have final authority over whether you board or not.

Can I go on a cruise if I am on probation?

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I'm ready for a change of scenery. Hi Shaun, That's a question for your probation officer, I'm afraid. Hi Alison! The adult have passports, but kids do not all under We have birth certificates for all, but wonder if the no passport for a closed loop cruise rule applies to private boats as well.

Where can I find this info in writing from a government source? Hi Jehana, As long as they're under 16, they can use birth certificates. If you have any older teenagers, though, they need at least passport cards. See GetYouHome. Hi Alison. I have been reading some of your5 questions and answers and I see that you have been telling people that if it is closed loop you do not need a passport and who would know better than you but anyways.

My husband and I received a cruise to the bahamas for mothers and fathers day and some people that I know that travel alot are saying the laws have changed and NOW you do need a passport. Its all very confusing for something I will probably only do this one time and I really do not want to purchase a passport for this reason. Thank you for your time.

Hi Tracey, If its closed loop, you shouldn't, but contact your cruise line just to be on the safe side. Or you could get a passport card, which is cheaper though keep in mind it's not usable for air travel. Good luck and have fun! My wife was born in Jamaica W.

I and is currently a us citizen we are traveling to Bahamas by cruise ship closed Loop other then a valid driver license what else will she need to travel. Hi Keni, She needs proof of citizenship, so her naturalization certificate or a passport card. Hey my kid and i are planing to got to the bahamas on our persolal boat. My kids are 17, 14, and 7. And if not, what is needed? Hi Kevin, The 14 and 7-year-olds can get by with just their birth certificates, though please note they will need a certified copy with a raised seal. You and the year-old need a passport or a passport card.

That said, since you need a passport book to fly from the Bahamas, it might be best if you all had them just in case there were some sort of emergency and you had to fly back. I am going on a carnival cruise too the bahamas out of florida and returning too the same port in florida do i need a passport too get off the boat or will a dl and birth certificate be good enough? Hi Jake, a birth certificate and driver's license should be fine, but please call your cruise line to confirm.

Nick Reynolds. Hi Nick, Possibly, it depends on how you're traveling. Please read the article for further details, and then let us know if you have any questions.