Dell motherboard where to find part number

Identify motherboard type for replacement/upgrade

You might have used your PC for years without having any clue about your motherboard model. You need to check the motherboard model first!

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Within the Windows there is a tool known as System Information. This will be helpful when you want to know minute details of your computer system. This includes information about your computer motherboard model. The steps to viewing system information are very simple to follow.

There is a lot of information found on the System Information.

Once the above command is run, the System Information window will appear. You can also use the command line to find out your computer motherboard model number. There different ways you can find the motherboard model name using the command line.

A terminal will definitely appear. You will find several commands you can try in this terminal. Alternatively, you figure out your motherboard details by typing wmic baseboard get product, manufacturer for a much specific search result.

This is one of the easiest ways to find your motherboard model number, name and manufacturer. I determined that my motherboard is broken. Since I cannot turn on my laptop, how can I see which model of motherboard I have and what its serial number is? I need to buy new one. Plug those in at support.

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I know on Dell stuff, laptops or desktops, you go into bios and what it shows as the serial number is the service tag number and the service tag is unique for all dell equipment Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to determine motherboard serial number Ask Question.

How to find your Motherboard Model Number

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