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We recommend, based on our experience, that you ask for 2 copies of the marriage certificate for your files. It will take weeks to receive your requested certified copies of your marriage license, but much longer if you do not file your request for certified copies at the time of your marriage.

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The County of Los Angeles will expedite delivery of your certified copies only in very limited circumstances usually limited to military spouses who will soon be deployed overseas. If you failed to get certified copies along with the marriage license then click here for a form letter that you can send to receive a copy of your marriage certificate.

If for some reason you have neglected to order copies of the marriage certificate at the time of your wedding or if you have lost your marriage certificate copies in Los Angeles County CLICK HERE for an easy form to copy and paste into your Word program to send to the County Clerk Recorder. He has been officiating wedding ceremonies and providing marriage licenses for over several decades.

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Therefore, it is important that you understand how to contact the Santa Paula DMV before you visit the office. With this information, you can speak to DMV workers onsite and learn what steps you need to take to apply there.

This is especially true if you have not yet visited this Santa Paula DMV office before, and if you need an appointment. If you live near this California DMV location, you can go there in person and ask program officials your questions.

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