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Practically speaking that means it's quicker for clients to get to your websites and services if they have a static IP address. More reliable geo-location services : With a static IP address, services can match the IP address with its physical location. For example, if you use a local weather service with a static IP address you're more likely to get the weather report you need instead of the one for the next city over.

That makes it easier for them to attack it. Avast Internet Security can help you in this regard. Real-world security concerns : Anyone with the right network tools can find where you and your computers are located. Get it for Android, iOS, Mac. Get it for Mac, PC, Android.

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Within a network, your devices are automatically configured with a fresh dynamic IP address as needed. That prevents confusing conflicts when two computers try to use the same IP address. Potentially better security : With a dynamic IP address it's harder for a potential attacker to target your networked equipment. You can also add to your security by obscuring your network address with a VPN.

Better physical security : It's much harder for a snoop to find out exactly where you're located. A VPN can help with this as well. Dynamic IP addresses are not ideal for all situations.

They don't work well for internet-facing services such as the web or email. Unlikely to work well for hosted services : If you plan to host a website, email server, or so on, using a dynamic IP address may be troublesome. DNS doesn't work well with dynamic IP addresses since the address is always changing. There are Dynamic DNS services that take care of this problem; however, they add expense and complexity.

This can be a serious downside. May limit remote access : Depending on your remote access software, your program may have trouble connecting if you use a dynamic IP address.


Potentially more downtime : While it doesn't happen often, sometimes your ISP is unable to assign you a dynamic IP address. This can interrupt your internet connection. Less accurate geolocation : A dynamic IP address can make your geo-location services fail because you can keep a dynamic address that no longer reflects your real-world location.

Typically, static IP addresses are best for businesses, which host their own websites and internet services. Dynamic IP addresses are usually fine for most consumers.

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They are cheaper and typically pose a bit less of a security risk. Now that you understand the differences between static IP and dynamic IP, you may realize that it never mattered before which kind you are using. If you get your internet service through an ISP or cable company, in most cases they assign you a dynamic IP address.

Within your own network, by default your devices are assigned dynamic IP addresses.

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It is usually not much of a problem to switch to a static IP address. You do this by going to your router's interface, finding the device for which you want to assign a static IP address, and then assigning it one usually by manually typing in a number. The details vary from router to router. On a network with an administrator, you need to have the system administrator do this for you.

No matter whether your internet IP address is static or dynamic, your ISP -- and tech-savvy bad guys -- can tell approximately where you're located and what you're trying to do on the internet. You may want to hide your IP address -- no matter what kind -- from snoopers. Vaughan-Nichols on September 23, Updated on October 31, United States English.

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