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Including: accusation against a Jew who freed an SS man in exchange for watches; statutes and minutes of consultations of the heads of Jewish communities in Hessen, July 27 - 28, This subseries contains detailed records of the provisioning of cigarettes and tobacco, in addition to correspondence, minutes, and accounts.

Including: a letter from the local Historical Commission with reports about two Jewish kapos of Chrzanow. This subseries contains many records from schools in the region, in addition to correspondence and financial reports. Notice that German, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and other DP ensembles or musicians have no right to appear in the camp; announcement for the search for testimonies against Josef Boss, commander of the Posen-Demsen Concentration camp Erwin Klas of Lublin, Radom and other places photo enclosed ; meeting about fighting the black market.

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This subseries contains autobiographies and personal records of partisans and other combatants, in addition to correspondence, accounts and cultural materials. Including: Khanuka celebration in the Talmud Torah; protest against a theater showing on the Sabbath; request by the Revisionists to be permitted to hang up a portrait of Jabotinsky and to sell Revisionist newspapers. This subseries contains many election posters from different political parties, in addition to blank forms, advertisements and stationary. Including: Society for the Observance of the Sabbath; opening of a kosher kitchen, January 12, ; memorial for those perished in Chmielnik, Zaglebie, Sieradz and others; an Oneg Shabat by Zionist organizations; humorous edition of Unser bezem Our Broom.

Including:statistical report of Neu-Freimann;list of 37 communities, 22 camps, 6 sanatoria and 3 children's camps in the Munich region. Including: schools in Neu-Ulm, Lechfeld and other localities; seminar for speakers, December 23 - 24, ; report of the Landsberg Cultural Office for ; report of the Cultural Office in Traustein.

Also a list of teachers in Bad Reichenhall, Ulm and other localities in the region. About provisioning; sanitation; matzos; bakery; transports for Palestine; English course; technical school; memorial for those who perished from Otwock, Falenica, Karczew and environs; Hebrew courses; warning against admitting Germans into the camp; sale of khometz. Including: affidavits against Zbyszek Kalinski for anti-Jewish actions; anti-Semitic statement by Col.

Hopkins at an American military court; testimony against Julian Figus, former mayor of Tarnobrzeg; theater; German appeal "The National-Democratic Party of Germany is not prohibited"; invalids; 40th jubilee of the actor Shaya Zwillich. Including: statistics of religious employees in the committee; questionnaires of the Historical Commission for collecting testimonies; incidents between DPs and Germans in Neunberg; materials of Landau.

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Also other materials, including minutes of a session of the Commission for Merit Rations about emigration to Israel, December 21, Including: applications to the social service; materials of the Regional Committee; central bookkeeping; observance of the sabbath; Kibbutz Khofets Khayim. Including: conflict on account of merit rations for religious teachers; dismissal from work of those liable for military service in Palestine; letter from a black marketeer to a black market dealer in foods. Cases No.

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Including minutes of the camp committee about distribution of posts, January 20 and May 21, This subseries contains a great deal of correspondence with German offices, in addition to correspondence, minutes, court records and marriage certificates. Including: issue No. Also correspondence with the Central Committee, chiefly about economic and financial matters. This subseries contains a good number of court records, in addition to administrative records.

This subseries contains a great deal of information on children and schools, including exercise books and children's drawings, in addition to cultural materials. Including: records of incoming and outgoing correspondence and documents, December 26, - March 14, ; correspondence with the Central and Local Historical Commission; conflict with the Central Committee about rations for workers of the Historical Commissions. Including: attitude of the camp committee toward the Revisionist demonstration against England; announcement about applications for the position of head of the DP police; Stuttgart citizens committee for the "Gyud l'maan hamoledet' military service for the fatherland ; 3-day strike of the Jewish workers in Stuttgart against low rations, September ; list of former inmates of concentration camps Vainingen in Stuttgart; emigration to Canada; announcements about burials and unveiling of gravestones; statistics of the Jewish population in Camp Stuttgart-West, ; an issue of the "Tygodniowy Biuletyn UNRRA Team " Weekly Bulletin of UNRRA Team , May 3, ; children's flags.

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This camp closed in and its remaining inhabitants were settled in Giebelstadt. This subseries contains records from some camps that are not otherwise represented in the collection, as well as some camps that have their own separate subseries. Including: Traunstein, Leipheim, Marburg,. Nordheim, St. Ottilien, Pappenburg, Feldmoching. Series VI contains administrative materials, including minutes, correspondence, reports, membership cards, and records of rations distributed. Materials are arranged by subject, in order of importance.

Within each subject, materials are generally arranged chronologically. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically within each year. Correspondence with each district is arranged alphabetically by name of district. Series VI contains administrative materials, including minutes, correspondence, lists and statistics. Including memorandum against the non-recognition of the union by the State of Israel. Materials are arranged by alphabetically by landsmanshaft name, then by subject within each landsmanshaft. Various materials appear at the end.

Series IX contains primarily correspondence and administrative materials such as lists, as well as posters.

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Including: a leaflet about the unveiling of a memorial in Bergen-Belsen, June 27, ; a blood-soaked address book of a Brzeziny Jew who died of his wounds after being thrown out of a tramway in by a mob. Including: poster and other printed matter for the memorial service on the 5th anniversary of the liquidation of the Vilna ghetto; tentative list of Vilna Jews in Germany; circular letters; reports; correspondence.

Various, including: appeal of the Committee of the Krasnystaw Refugees in the German Diaspora about erecting a memorial. Series X contains primarily administrative materials such as correspondence, minutes, contracts, distribution lists, and membership cards. There are also posters and programs from theatrical and musical performances. Specific performances and performers are named in the scope and content note of each relevant folder. Including: foundation meeting, July 1, ; project of by-laws; first conference, October 20 - 21, ; second conference, June 10 - 11, ; court of honor; Audit Commission.

Including: list of actors at the founding conference, May 27, and at the dissolution conference, March 20, The materials generally include administrative materials such as lists of members, correspondence, and minutes. The Writers' Union materials also include manuscripts and autobiographies. Jachimowitch, Shlomo Frank, Efraim Schreier; also critical essays on writers. Goldstein, B. Graubart, Meir Greenspan. Przedborski, Dr. The materials primarily include posters, but also administrative materials such as correspondence, reports, account books, and circulars.

Posters and other materials, including leaflet about an assault by the Revisionists in Innsbruck. Circular letters and other materials including the conference of the Revisionists in Pocking, Germany.

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Reports and copies of outgoing correspondence of Hashomer Hatzair, Regensburg-Bamberg region. Instructions and texts of Hashomer Hatzair on the occasion of various Jewish holidays and celebrations. Cash books and other materials of WIZO, including: poster of the founding committee. Series XIII primarily contains administrative materials such as correspondence, reports, statistics, and accounts. There are also course materials and posters, publications and newspaper articles.

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Including list of Jewish communities, centers and committees in the American zone, May 28, Series XIV primarily contains administrative materials such as correspondence, reports, statistics, and accounts. January 28 - 29, ; November 4, ; November ; November 30, ; February 15 - Clay, acknowledging his help for the Jewish DPs. Biographies of emigrants, including Jewish Agency questionnaires of the hachshara workers in Geilingen.

go site Displaced Persons Commission concerning individual emigration cases, Munich. Army mimeographed publication. Materials are arranged by organization, and within each organization, by subject. Materials primarily include posters and leaflets, but also include correspondence, telegrams, reports, and accounts.

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Reports and correspondence including statistics of collections by camps, parties and other organizations. Correspondence and accounts of KKL in Stuttgart; also lists of children in Stuttgart and other camps. DP publications, correspondence, title pages, printed matter and other materials from the publishers of DP newspapers, periodicals and books. Biographies and photographs of children in children homes maintained by Vaad Hatzala.